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Parsian Halal meat, part of Benjamin Fine Foods Inc. was originally established in 1999. The founders’ goal was to form a company, which can bring the deliciousness taste of middle eastern and European tables into north American high technology Market; Ever since its establishment Parsian halal Meat Ltd, has dedicated itself to set high industry and quality standards and continues to do so today. It has been our strong commitment to introduce hand slaughtered, Zabiha Halal products whose quality and packaging are on par with top brand names sold in the supermarkets. As a result of this dedication and hard work Parsian halal Meat, has gradually increased its product line and now it has more than fifty products available

All Parsian products are hygienically prepared with utmost care to quality control at modern, federally inspected plants in Ontario, Canada which is unlike most of our competition owned by Parsian Halal Meat Ltd. Apart from the supervision of our Quality Control Manager, all of our raw materials, ingredients, production, and storage facilities are independently monitored by Canadian governmental agencies.